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General enrolment information Bachelor degree courses


You are usually at least 16 years old, have a university entrance qualification or a high degree degree and are interested in fashion.

Those under 16 years old, who can show a special artistic aptitude may be considered for the course.


Application procedure – as follows:

  • You can visit one of our information events
  • Only for B.A. Fashion Design you can compile a creative portfolio**
  • You can send us your application documents*
  • You can arrange to have an interview (e.g. via Skype)
  • You can present your creative portfolio** and have a personal interview
  • You will receive an immediate acceptance or refusal

*Application Documents

  • letter of application
  • curriculum vitae
  • copy of most recent school certificate
  • copy of valid passport
  • other certificates, if applicable
  • a recent passport photo

** Creative Portfolio

This is only required for the following courses:

This folder should contain at least 5 works.

Fashion Design: This may include collages, photos, sketches, illustrations, pictures, sculptures, Instagram account information, blogs or other self-made creative items.



A full scholarship and two partial scholarships are awarded every year through all educational programs. The artistic director decides about the award in consultation with the advisory board. All scholarships are limited to 12 months.

By letter dated of 20.th July. 2017 to the Senat of Berlin the Fashion Design Institute (Berlin) is according to  §124 A Berliner Hochschulgesetz noted as a branch of the École Privé Accréditée (university) „Fashion Design Institut by POLTHO AG“ in Marokko with the bachelor and master degree programs Fashion Design, Fashion Journalism, Fashion Marketing, Fashion Management and Communication- & Web Design. The courses are accredited by the government in Oujda/Rabatt according to the Bologna process accrédite.

Bafög (Student grant in accordance with the federal student’s assistance act):

Therefore, the Fashion Design Institut (Düsseldorf Campus) is approved, under the terms of § 2 section 2 of the Federal Student’s Assistance Act (Bafög).
Contact your local Bafög-office and ask for assistance.

For more information, see:


The Fashion Design Institut (Düsseldorf Campus) is, according to § 118 section 1 of the Education law NRW, a private, officially recognised supplementary school and equivalent to the attendance at a public vocational college.


Educational Loans KFW:

For advanced scolars (from the third semester onwards), the federal government, together with the KfW Bank Group, offer financing at favourable interest rates, irrespective of student’s earnings or their parent’s income.

For more information, see:

We offer the following courses in conjunction with other universities: