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International Fashion Design

International Fashion Design – Goal of the course

… is the practice-oriented education of highly qualified designers who are looking for their professional fields of activity in the diverse clothing sector “Fashion Design” within the clothing industry. Today’s workspaces of fashion designers on the labor market lie in all areas of the fashion and clothing sector.

In addition, the course also qualifies for work in adjacent areas such as costume and accessory design, fashion consulting, merchandising. PR and advertising, fashion and product management, industrial design, product design and fashion journalism may also be a future field of work.

Career prospects / professional environment

With its multi-faceted offerings based on the latest technical and scientific developments, the “International Fashion Design” training program takes account of the dynamic processes of the information and knowledge society of the 21st century.

All graduates are prepared for a basic and qualified career. They acquire so-called meta-competencies, which are regarded as key competences in the sense of occupational field and labor market orientation.

Abilities such as autonomy in organization and management, teamwork, research and analysis competences, conceptual and creative thinking, social competence, innovation competence oriented towards implementation are promoted in the course of education. We also teach the ability to critically reflect own and other creative achievements.

Innovation and competence


The promotion of these competences is supported on the one hand by an increased mediation of media, communication and cultural sciences as well as methods and knowledge in complex design projects. On the other hand, students are offered inter- and transdisciplinary offers in the context of new media-supported teaching, learning and cooperation forms Manifold ways in design processes.

Cooperations with external institutions, companies, universities and networks support this offer. In addition to the subject-oriented orientation of the offer, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinarity are conceived as indispensable components of the design process and are, therefore, consistently interdisciplinary.

Education in figures

7 semesters full-time, including internships + 3 months final phase

min. 4-month internship after the 5th semester, which must be completed abroad

Start date Winter and Summer semester (October / April)

Year 1: 5500 Euro
Year 2: 5500 Euro
Year 3: 5500 Euro
Exam Fee/Editing Fee/Internship: 4500 Euro

in Combination
with a Master’s degree*
(Fashion Design, PR & Styling, Fashion Marketing)

9 semesters full-time including internships + 3 months final phase

min. 4-month internship after the 5th semester, which must be completed abroad


Start date Semester (October)

Year 1: 10000 Euro
Year 2: 10000 Euro                                    Year 3: 10000 Euro
Exam Fee/Editing Fee/Internship: 6000 Euro



Course language: German / English

* The Master’s degree is carried out by our collabrative college, the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Milan.