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Fashion Management

Fashion Management – The Coal of the course

is the transfer of specific industry know-how as well as knowledge about manufacturing processes and the management of international networks.

These skills are taught both fundamentally and deepening. You will not only acquire knowledge that is required in the labor market but also implement it directly in real semester projects.

Fashion management in a global context

One of the most important prerequisites for success in the fashion, luxury or retail segment is the passion for this topic.

In the international fashion world, globalization, innovative techniques, new communication channels and changes in buyer behavior ensure constant change.

In “Fashion Management” you also acquire analytical, communicative and creative skills.

Thus the graduates of the training fashion and fashion management are excellently prepared for their later field of activity.

Education in figures

6 semesters full-time including internships + 3 months final phase

6-month internship in the 5th semester, which can be completed at home and abroad

Start date Winter – Semester (October)

Month 01-12: 440 Euro per month
Month 13-24: 450 Euro per month
Month 25-42: 460 Euro per month
+ 600 Euro Admission fee
+ 600 Euro Final examination fee


Course language: German